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Talent Assistance Program (TAP)

Imagine Actually Being Happy at Work.

Employees’ mental health & psychological well-being has been a hot topic in career talks,

especially since the pandemic hit us. Take a look.

Too good to be true? We don't think so.

Talents mean investment. That's why it's Talent Assistance Program (TAP)

Why Firstasia's TAP?

  • We focus on talents because of their development potential that will benefit your organization. It’s an investment.
  • Our TAP includes purpose-based evaluation.
  • “Clear to the roots”, we don’t stop early on emerging issues.
  • Considerable solutions based on personality & environmental factors.


Productivity for Your Organization, Happiness for Your Talents.

Talent Assistance Program (TAP) keeps an eye on talents’ mental health by facilitating private & flexible counseling regarding work & life aspects.


These are some of the common issues we could

overcome together.

Optimize Productivity, Performance, & Balance with Us. Because We Care.