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The Story of Our Company

Since 2001, Firstasia Consultants has become a professional partner in talent management for thousands of companies in numerous industries and government institutions.

We strive to keep being a top-tier in the human resources business by integrating our expertise and digital advancements.


With this, our mission is to assist and optimize your company’s talents and growth so we both can thrive in today’s rapidly changing era.


"Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change." - Tom Peters


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Our Services

With our integrated divisions, we offer various one-stop business solutions. Whether it's to determine, create, analyze, attract and select, or to develop and design accordingly to your needs.

Online Psychometric Test

Online Psychometric Test

Selecting the right individual required for a particular job


Virtual Assessment Center (VAST)

Analyzing one's competency with digital advancement


Executive Search

Finding high-quality talents according to your unique needs


HR Management

Assisting companies on managing and optimizing internal talents for guaranteed maximum work performance

Why Us?


Digital-Minded Process

We use digital ways to deliver efficient, faster, and better results.


Tailored Services

We understand that each client has unique needs which can be fulfilled best by our customized services.


Flexible Budgeting

Don't let budget crisis pins your organization down. Let's have a win-win solution in the term of cost.

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