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FirstConsult: Firstasia's Individual Consultation Service

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Joe (22)

``Aku sering banget concern dengan performaku. Apakah atasan cukup puas dengan hasil kerjaku? Cukup terlihat kah effortku? Rasanya seperti butuh feedback tiap saat karena aku selalu overthinking.``

Lusi (26)

``Duh tuntutan semakin banyak dan orangtua bentar lagi pensiun. Sedangkan kerjaanku masih gini-gini aja.. saking banyak pikiran, aku jadi ngga produktif di pekerjaan. Harus gimana ya?``

Riri (19)

``Akhirnya lulus sarjana! Tapi.. gimana caranya cari kerja yang sesuai passionku ya? Apakah aku akan bisa berkembang nantinya?``

Andre (53)

``Sepanjang hidup saya, saya dedikasikan untuk pekerjaan ini. Saya merasa masih ingin bekerja dan dibutuhkan. Kalau udah gak kerja, emang saya harus ngapain? Saya tidak akan happy.``

Believe it or not, it's all real and happening

We're not happy all the time, and most of us don't talk about it.

6 out of 10 employees in Indonesia never talk about their mental health conditions to their organizations (The Great X, 2022). While the fact is, 86.9% employees in Indonesia are found experiencing stress (Sutarto, Wardaningsih, & Putri, 2021).

Don't worry. That's why we're here for you now.

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In both work & personal settings, we take concern about your well-beings & happiness.

Introducing our first individual service product, FirstConsult.

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How We Help


Helps you on having objective views on life in order to pursue happiness.


Be more insightful on yourself & what’s happening around you.


Find out more about your interests & potencies for a maximized performance.

Why Should You Choose FirstConsult?

  • Psychological tools such as STAGE by Big Five & OSI-R to complement the process.
  • Our 20+ years experience in industry & organizational field.
  • Experienced & psychotherapy-licensed clinical psychologist ready to help you. We also have our own trusted associates.
  • Training for further development if needed.

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Talking & Reaching Out Made Easier. Only for You.

Our individual consultation service comes in three different packages, simply packed to assist you better.


Follow your own pace. Set up the date & time suitable to your likings from the link below.

Remember, Your Well-being Always Comes First.

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