Online Test Application Development

Project Name: Online Test Application Development
Client: Manufacturing Company
Project Commencement Date: December 2020-May 2021
Project Completion Date: May 2021

Company’s productivity and performance cannot be separated from the employees who work and contribute to the company. Excellent productivity and performance of employees could give a significant impact on company growth.

As the company continues to grow, the complexity of problems it faces also increases, including the fulfillment of manpower from its quality aspect. Therefore, a controlling tool is needed that not only guarantees congruence with company expectations, but also efficiently reaches candidates who are confined by distances or time zones.

Taking into account the explanation above, an online test instrument method is needed in carrying out the selection or placement of employees. This test is expected to facilitate the supervisory process held by the company and ensure the suitability of employees to company needs. Firstasia Consultants offers an online psychological test development service for this purpose.




Review various supporting theories and determine the design and framework. In this case, it is more like how many subtests must be included in a series of tests to be able to measure the construct to be measured and how the subtest is arranged even for each item in it.


From the predetermined design framework, the stages of making tests and items is begin. After all of items pooling has been completed, it is then necessary to test the validity and reliability of all test items.


Try out were carried out using a sample facilitated by Firstasia consultants. Ideally, the number of samples needed should be at least 100 participants. In this case the participants involved were more than 300 people.

Item Analysis

After testing the validity and reliability, good items was selected based on the existing standards of validity and reliability. The remaining items will be rearranged and recheck their validity and reliability.


From the data that has been taken, based on the arrangement of items and new tests (already valid and reliable), then the norms are compiled to become assessment standards and the preparation of assessment categories.