Employee Engagement for Strong Bussiness

Project Name: Employee Engagement
Client: Outsourcing
Project Commencement Date: April 2021-May 2021
Project Completion Date: May 25, 2021

We conducted employee engagement research on an outsourcing company in Jakarta with a total of 30-50 employees. The research was conducted for one month involving 3 consultants.

The process begins with the socialization stage and questionnaire data collection which is carried out online. Data collection was carried out for approximately one week, while data analysis took 5 working days including reports.

The final result submitted to the company is a report containing an overview of employee level engagement, employee management drivers, and analysis, as well as suggestions for the company.


Trust issues and employee bias are the biggest challenges in the process of measuring employee engagement. Employees often feel that filling out employee engagement surveys can threaten their position and career in the company. In fact,  employee management can be a tool for employees to convey their aspirations anonymously for the sake of creating a better work environment.


Communication is Key

Make sure the project starts with socialization. We describe in detail the objectives of the survey.

Understand Employee Fears

Describe the risks and benefits of the project to create a better work environment. Make it clear that the survey will not affect the position and job title of the employee, given that the survey is filled out anonymously.

Confidentiality Guarantee

Explain to the employee that the raw survey data is only analyzed and held by the consultant. The company will only get the final report, so that confidentiality can be guaranteed.


We analyze various theories to be able to find the right aspects to measure employee engagemet accurately.