Quick Contact

    Mayenne Asoen

    Assessor – marketing@firstasiaconsultants.id


    • Clinical Psychologist
    • 7 years experience as assessor assessment center.
    • Assessment center certification
    • Experience as a Feedbacker
    • Competency-based interviews
    • Employee counseling & Brief Therapy

    Areas of Expertise

    2013 – 2015, 2019 – now

    Carry out a daily psychological test process (in-take data and interviews).

    Make evaluation of psychological reports and recommendations.

    Fostering good relationships with clients and handling client complaints.

    Coordinating project teams both inside and outside the city.


    • Property Company: Assessor Assessment Mapping & Feedbacker, 2019.
    • Manufacture Company: Assessor for employee promotion 2020.
    • BUMN: Assessor for 2020 employee mapping.
    • E-commerce Company; Employee Assistant Program as Counselor.