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Starting from the support team behind the operational selection and organizational development. Currently, Firstasia’s research division is independently established to offer you a variety of research and development services in the area of Human Resource Management (HR). In contrast to other research institutes / companies that are specifically engaged in pure research areas. We offer research services that are more applicable, which includes developing digital products needed in the area of HR management.

Cultural inconsistencies and obsolete measurement tools can invalidate measurement tool when used on Indonesian’s. Invalid means that the results of the test do not reflect the real condition of the person. As an impact, invalid measuremene tools will result in errors in the selection and hiring of employees, which caused losses and problems for the company.

But, in the current state and fast automation trends in 4.0 era.

Digitalization of measurement tools is equally important, which would make it easier for candidates to fill out the test, make the company get results faster and also reduce administrative burden.

With expertise in psychological measurement tools research and construction, as well as online system development, we specialize in creating online tests that meet client’s expectation. With our automated system, clients will be able to handle recruitment process on their own with less effort and less time needed.

Over the years, we have helped many companies build their own psychological tests such as intelligence tests, ability tests, personality tests, and performance tests. Starting by analysing needs, we build psychological construct, write items, and perform psychometric analysis to ensure that the constructed instrument is both valid and reliable.

80% of psychological measurement tools used by companies in Indonesia are outdated and not relevant within the context of Indonesian culture.

(Gadjah Mada University, 2016).

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